Safety Program


Safety has been a part of the value system of Active Electric, Inc. since the day its doors opened for business. Every year, Active Electric, Inc. tries to look for ways to increase its safety practices and awareness of its employees. We do this by offering safety training to   every employee before stepping foot on any job site. To constantly remain vigilant, Active Electric, Inc. holds weekly safety meetings on each job site in addition to semi-annual training sessions to make sure that our employees feel confident in Active Electric, Inc.’s safety practices.

Because of our dedication to safety, Active Electric, Inc. has received numerous awards for its safety standards and records. We have also received the designation of an Accredited Quality Contractor or AQC because of our dedication to doing our job right the first time and satisfying our customers while continuing to keep our employees safe.


A Drug Free Environment


Besides keeping our employees safe on the job site, maintaining a drug-free work environment is a priority. Active Electric, Inc. participates in the Drug Free Workplace Program in which each employee is put through a pre-employment physical and drug screening. All employees must adhere to the drug-free policy, complete company training, and agree to random drug testing. This stringent policy insures not only a safer work environment for our employees, but also assures our clients the best service possible.

Our Unparalleled
Commitment to Safety

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Active Electric, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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